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Instructions for connecting via dial-up (including email)
Dial Up and E-Mail Instructions for Microsoft Windows: Windows Vista and Windows 7 Instructions Win XP Install Win XP Install Connection & E-Mail Win ME Install Win ME Install ......
Last Update: 2011-05-27 Views: 187
When I try to connect, it keeps bringing up a box asking for my username and password. Why is this happening?
If you recently signed up, your account may not be activated yet. Try waiting a while before attempting to connect again. Be sure there are no errors in the entry of ......
Last Update: 2010-10-07 Views: 172
Do I need an extra phone line to connect to the Internet?
Not necessarily, but it will affect your ability to receive incoming calls while you are on the Internet. If you are concerned about missing phone calls or plan on spending a ......
Last Update: 2010-10-01 Views: 47
Why can I not connect at 56k when I have a 56k modem?
56k Modems rarely connect close to 56k. In the US, FCC-imposed power give most 56k modems a maximum potential for a 53.3k connection. ...
Last Update: 2006-12-14 Views: 50
What if I have call waiting?
To prevent being disconnected from the Internet when the call comes in, call waiting has to be disabled. To disable call waiting on a Windows Platform computer: Double Click "My Computer", ......
Last Update: 2006-12-14 Views: 40
Does support the V.92 standard? has done extensive testing with the V.92 standard, results have shown a decrease in throughput compared to the V.90 standard. Due to our findings, we are not currently supporting V.92. ......
Last Update: 2006-12-14 Views: 46


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