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How can I upload my web pages to your web server?

Web pages can be uploaded (from your computer) and downloaded (from our servers) in using various programs:

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Download
  • a 'Publish' interface that may be included with your Windows system or web page editing software
  • Fetch (Mac users) Download

Instructions for Transferring Files

  1. Start your FTP, Fetch, or 'Publish' program.
  2. Enter parameters to upload your files to your web space on Blackfoot's server. Most programs only need the name of the host or server that you are publishing to.
  3. Note:
    • FTP Host Name = (for Static Personal Website)
    • FTP Host Name = (for Static Registered Domain Name)
  4. Enter your userid and password.
  5. Switch to the /public_html/ directory after you have connected.
  6. Select files to transfer. The default web page should be named 'index.html' or 'index.htm'
    • Note that filenames are case-sensitive.

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