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What kind of modem do I need?

Blackfoot currently provides external ADSL ActionTec GT701 & GT701WG USB Modem/Ethernet routers for $59.90 and $89.90 respectively. We also have the GT704 for $79.99 and the GT704WG for $119.99.

This device does support multiple computers when using the Ethernet router. If you have a network, please contact Blackfoot or your network equipment vendor for additional information. To review the minimum system requirements that work with these modems, click here. The following are the modem specifications required should you decide to use a DSL modem not recommended by Blackfoot:

  • Encapsulation is PPPoA , PPP, or PPPoE (depending on location, call 406-541-5000 for detailed information)
  • ADSL compatible
  • Must be able to adjust the VCI/VPI settings (VPI = 0, VCI = 100)
  • Multiplexing is VC based or VC MUX or LLC (depending on location, call 406-541-5000 for detailed information)
  • Dynamic IP addressing
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • Username and Password

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