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Is there any troubleshooting I can do on my own should I have a problem?

Absolutely! If you take a few minutes to double check the following items, your problem may be easier to fix than you thought:

1) Check your equipment (i.e. cordless phone, answering machine or fax), by disconnecting it from the phone jack and power source. Sometimes resetting your equipment will restore service.

2) Make sure all of your phones are hung up.

3) Do a visual inspection of all exposed wiring and connections for damage or loose connections.

4) If you have more than one outlet, check each instrument at each outlet to determine of operation can be obtained from any outlet.

5) To isolate jack or house wiring problems, move a working telephone to each jack in the house to find which location is causing the trouble.

6) In some cases, a NID (Network Interface device) may have been installed where your telephone wire comes into your premise. Accessing the NID will help determine whether the trouble is with your wiring or with the telephone company’s equipment. Open your NID box and follow the instructions on the cover.  After testing a working telephone at the NID, if dial tone is heard, the trouble resdies inside the premises, either with customer owned equipment, at the telephone jacks or with the inside wiring. If no deal tone is heard, then the problem is likely with with Blackfoot's equipment or network, and it will be repaired for you as soon as possible. 

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