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What are the computer requirements to use CommPortal Assistant? (System Requirements)

The PC onto which CommPortal Assistant will be loaded should have at least 3MB of disk space for installation and be running:


·         Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later), or Windows Vista

·         Note that CommPortal Assistant is not supported on Windows 2000 or Windows 7

·         Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, or Firefox 2.0 or above.


CommPortal Assistant also requires .NET 1.1, a component of the Windows operating system. Most PCs already have .NET 1.1. However, if you do not have .NET 1.1 installed on your computer, the installation process will provide you with a link to download it from Microsoft and install it on your PC. This download is free.


Blackfoot’s UNIFIED VOICEMAIL features allows you to import your Outlook contacts, but does not automatically synchronize them with your CommPortal.

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