Remote Data Backup

Important business information, emails, customer records, financial records and engineering documents are all types of files you can’t do without. A loss of mission critical data or the cost of downtime could be catastrophic for your company.

Protecting your data from ransomware attacks is a growing concern for businesses. With Remote Data Backup, should your company data fall victim to a ransomware attack, you can simply restore your data to the last backup prior to the attack.

Blackfoot’s Remote Data Backup service backs up irreplaceable data from your desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and servers to our private cloud. Our solution and robust infrastructure provides enterprise-class online backup that ensures you can quickly get up and running after any data disaster. For added redundancy, we also replicate your data nightly to a geographically diverse and secure location.

Your operations rely on technology. At Blackfoot, we never forget that means that your business relies on us.


A Blackfoot Account Manager


Benefits of Blackfoot Data Backup

  • Backup: Workstations, mobile devices, servers, documents, emails, Exchange, SQL, O365, etc.
  • Encryption: Military strength (up to 448 bit) encryption of your data before it leaves your machine
  • Efficient: Powerful compression reduces the size of data and cost to store it
  • Smart: Intelligent backup of only changed data (after the first backup)
  • Redundant: Blackfoot replicates backed up data to a geographically diverse secure facility
  • Compatible: Supports Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Hyper-V, Odin Virtuozzo
  • Precise: Point-in-time backup of your files allows you to simply point to a backup version and click to restore it to your computer
  • Intuitive: User-friendly interface works from within your browser, allowing you to easily modify settings