Managed WAN

The promise of managed wide area networks is that they make your people and company more productive and efficient. That assumes the network itself is efficient. If yours is like most businesses, it can be a challenge to allocate the time and resources necessary to ensure network efficiency 365 days a year. After all, you have a business to run.

Managed WAN from Blackfoot is the solution. Our network team becomes an extension of your team. We troubleshoot network failures. We run updates and routine diagnostics on everything from routers to firewalls. We monitor network performance continuously. In short, we run your network, so you can run your business.

Get peace of mind with 24/7 performance monitoring by Blackfoot engineers. Avoid interruptions and downtime with proactive troubleshooting and resolution. Reduce diagnostic expenses through real-time, expert monitoring. Your operations rely on technology. At Blackfoot, we never forget that means that your business relies on us.


A Blackfoot Account Manager


Benefits of Blackfoot Managed WAN

Depending on your business’ needs, Blackfoot provides two Managed WAN service options:

Router Management Service

  • Standardized: Best practice edge router configuration
  • Monitored: 24/7 router utilization monitoring and proactive failure detection
  • Responsive: Proactive troubleshooting and issue resolution

IntuiNet Network Dashboard

  • Informative: Web-based dashboard for your IT staff to monitor and assess WAN services operation wide
  • Visibility: See exactly where bandwidth is being used by location and use that information to help you manage resources
  • Network Alerts: Receive SMS or email alerts so you can troubleshoot and take action quickly
  • Performance: Assess each network location by monitoring real-time up/down status, latency, circuit utilization and more