Hosted IP Phone

Business and technology are constantly and rapidly changing. To succeed, you need to embrace those changes and keep your company current, while being smart about the capital you invest. That’s why many companies are turning to a hosted VoIP or PBX phone solution.

Blackfoot offers Ergo, a privately hosted IP phone solution that effectively ensures your company stays current with the latest in digital voice communications. With Ergo, there is no upfront cost and no system to own. One competitive monthly fee includes use of a state-of-the-art phone system, phone service, tech support, and all required upgrades and maintenance.

Plus, when you partner with Blackfoot, you are backed by 24/7 expert technical support. Your operations rely on technology – and we never forget that means that your business relies on us.


A Blackfoot Account Manager


Benefits of Blackfoot Hosted IP Phone

  • Savings: No upfront cost eliminates the typical PBX system capital expenses
  • Up-to-Date: Choose from a range of the latest equipment to suit your business, including desktop, conferencing and cordless devices
  • Value: No costly annual maintenance contract because Blackfoot owns the system – we set it up, maintain it and manage software upgrades remotely
  • Scalable: Extensions are unlimited so you can add them as your company grows
  • Mobility: Stay connected to the features of your Ergo phone service anytime, anywhere with Mobility
  • Administrator Portal: Manage and configure the features and settings of your Ergo phone solution via Business Group Manager
  • Convenience: With our added Auto Attendant feature, an automated directory enables callers to locate the desired extension quickly and easily
  • Office-to-Office Calling: Call branch offices anywhere in the U.S. via your extension without incurring Long Distance phone charges
  • Accessible: Use our web-based CommPortal system to view your calling history, click to call, integrate your contact list, and use advanced features like Find Me/Follow Me and Simultaneous Ring
  • Unified: Receive voice mails and faxes as attachments in your email inbox
  • Hunting: Direct callers to a specific group of phones simultaneously, ideal for service or sales teams
  • Secure: Ergo is hosted on Blackfoot’s private cloud, and managed end-to-end
  • Popular Professional Features: Music on hold/Message on hold, call forwarding, call park and pick up, do not disturb, call transfer, direct inward dialing, three-way conferencing, and more