Voice Operator Panel

Blackfoot’s Voice Operator Panel enables your business to deploy a software-based receptionist portal. This saves you money, by not requiring additional hardware, and provides a high level of functionality and usability.

With Voice Operator Panel, calls are managed through an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop features. Voice Operator Panel provides switchboard and attendant console functions, allowing a receptionist to monitor an entire business or group of employees, view who is available, on a call, or away. The operator can pick up incoming calls, put them on hold and initiate a warm or cold transfer.

Voice Operator Panel can be used as a standalone soft phone, or tethered to a hard phone to handle calls.


A Blackfoot Account Manager


Benefits of Voice Operator Panel

  • Manage Users: Supports multiple directories so contacts can be organized by department, business and more.
  • Intuitive Interface: Drag-and-drop call transfer and full extension status monitoring (ringing, busy, available) with call details and call interception.
  • Optimized Call Processing: Operators are notified when calls have been on-hold too long and require attention.
  • Call Overflow Management: Overflow calls can be configured to automatically forward to another operator, be diverted to voicemail or answered and put on hold.
  • Multi-Tenancy: Know before answering a call which company, site or department is being called.
  • CRM Integration: Displays customer CRM records based on incoming call information.