October is Cybersecurity Month, and what better time to reinforce your online defenses? Here are four tips to keep your home secure and protected in the digital realm: As we observe Cybersecurity Month, remember, we’re here to help. Contact us at customerservice@blackfoot.com or 866-541-5000 with any questions or concerns.

Streaming 101

What is streaming? Streaming refers to entertainment delivered via the internet rather than a traditional cable TV connection. What equipment do I need? To enjoy streaming video, you need: How do I subscribe? Once you have your streaming capable device connected to the internet and have set up an account, you can then simply navigate

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Blackfoot Communications is here to help. While we may reach out to you about your account with us, it is our job to protect your private account information. If you are concerned with others accessing your Blackfoot Communications information, reach out to our customer service team to make sure your account security is optimized. You

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Getting fast, reliable Wi-Fi in our home networks is essential. We connect more devices than ever to our Wi-Fi networks, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and a growing list of smart devices. And we use them 24/7 for everything from video streaming and social media sharing to home automation and monitoring.  But sometimes it seems

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