Share a little joy

Enjoy a worry-free Smart Fiber and Smart Fiber+ broadband experience… and share a little joy in your community this holiday season.

  1. Sign up for – or upgrade to – our Smart Fiber or Smart Fiber+ internet service by submitting the form or calling us at 406-541-5000.
  2. After signing up for Smart Fiber or Smart Fiber+, we’ll send two $25 gift cards. One for you and one for you to give away. Perhaps you treat your grandmother. Or your granddaughter. Maybe it’s your day care provider or the restaurant down the street. Be creative!
  3. Share who you share with! Tell us who you’ve shared with by posting to your social media account! Share a photo with a friend or simply write a note. #stignatiusshares
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Who will you share a little joy with?

Share a little joy Share a little joy

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