SIP / PRI / T1

In sales and service, your phone lines need to conduct business just like your employees. They must be able to perform at a high level, flex to meet demand and carry a heavy load when called upon.

Blackfoot offers several technologies to interface with your company’s PBX phone system to deliver a high-capacity, dedicated line with absolute clarity for the exclusive use of your business:

  • SIP trunking provides access for your SIP-enabled IP-PBX, and delivers all the features of a PRI with the cost savings of VoIP.
  • PRI can handle up to 23 phone calls simultaneously over a single, high-capacity line.
  • T1 (DSS) is a service that delivers 24 simultaneous phone calls.

One of Blackfoot’s dedicated account managers can help assess your needs to design a cost-effective solution to handle your phone call volume, without overpaying for unused phone lines.


A Blackfoot Account Manager


Benefits of Blackfoot Phone Solutions

  • Quality: Provides a clear, crisp secure voice connection where noise and bit errors are not a factor
  • Scalability: Enables you to easily add, subtract or re-route phone lines as your company’s needs change
  • Flexible: Integrates well with any PBX system
  • Accessible: Direct Inward Dial (DID) provides individual phone numbers for all employees, allowing customers to access them directly
  • Savings: Offers substantial monthly savings, compared to carrying and paying for multiple phone lines
  • Service: 24/7 technical support from a regional leader in communications technology