Home broadband internet and what can impact your speed.

What type of internet connection do you have? Cable and DSL are the two main forms of residential broadband internet access. Do you know the difference? To start, cable internet is transmitted over cable TV lines using coaxial. DSL internet is transmitted over phone lines using your phone jack. Cable internet also shares broadband, where DSL can deliver dedicated speeds to your home. Watch below to learn more.

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There are several external factors that can impact your online experience.

When you search for a website in your internet browser, you are routed to that website via the shortest and most direct path possible. As your local internet provider, Blackfoot carries the data on our network as far as we can, but you will often need to travel on another ISP's network to reach the final destination.

Think of your internet connection like a car. The higher your internet bandwidth is, the bigger the car will be — which enables you to support more passengers, or devices on your connection. When your search query begins, you hop on the internet superhighway in your car.  There are a few factors along the way that can impact your experience. For instance, additional cars on the highway is like added traffic to your data network. Where you're driving can impact your speed, similar to if your home is in a populated or more remote area. Watch below to learn more and view our infographic.

How can you improve your internet speed? 

Learn how to manage your bandwidth and avoid network saturation from too many devices.