On December 8, the Blackfoot Board of Trustees named Jason Williams as Chief Executive Officer of Blackfoot. “I am humbled by the trust the Board has placed in me,” Williams said. “I am confident that with the support of Blackfoot’s talented, hard-working employees, we will not miss a beat in carrying out all of the […]

Blackfoot’s Chief Executive Officer, Bill Squires, passed away from a brief illness Friday, November 18. Bill’s career started with Blackfoot in April 2001, as Sr. Vice President and General Counsel. He was named CEO in January of 2012. Bill’s leadership plus his energy and commitment to Blackfoot’s customers have built Blackfoot into a leading, regional

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The new Blackfoot Support Portal is designed to empower customers to instantly find solutions to frequently asked questions. A growing number of customers prefer self-service support over contacting a technical agent via phone or email. Blackfoot’s new Self-Service Portal allows us to meet the needs of these customers by resolving support issues quickly and easily

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2016 State of Rural Broadband report details rural initiatives to conquer Montana’s divide Key highlights: $248.6 million invested in broadband networks by Montana’s rural telecoms since 2011. Per-customer, fiber backbone more than 550x more expensive to construct in rural Montana than in Seattle. 100% of Montana’s rural schools to be connected to fiber by end

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I am pleased to announce that Blackfoot is investing in substantial upgrades to our broadband network. This multi-year project will replace and improve existing network equipment with advanced network technologies. The result? Our Cooperative Members will continue to experience the reliable internet, voice and cloud services they have come to expect from Blackfoot. Construction will

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Today, Blackfoot unveiled a new unified brand identity, creating a seamless approach to serving customers across the region with the latest voice, data and cloud solutions. The new brand identity includes a modern logo and brand assets that create instant recognition of the company’s products, customer service and community support. “Today’s Blackfoot brand represents the

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