How to: Using parental controls for a better internet experience

It seems like kids are using their devices more than ever, and that can create anxiety for parents. How much time are they spending online? What are they viewing? How do you know? These are natural and appropriate questions. Fortunately, parents can find answers through a mobile app that includes usage controls, such as: Schedule […]

should i keep my home phone

While nearly everyone has a cell phone today, home phones remain a valuable and essential service. Here are three reasons why you should keep your home phone. Call Quality: Ensure clearer sound when making and receiving important phone calls. Emergency Use: Home phones are connected to a specific street address, making it easier for first

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What is fiber? Fiber-optic internet, most simply referred to as fiber, is a broadband internet connection that achieves fast and reliable speeds. How does it work? Fiber-optic technology transmits information using light instead of electricity, at about 70% the speed of light. These fast pulses of light travel through fiber-optic cables over long distances. Once

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