Smartphone: Taking pictures

According to some estimates, there are 3.5 billion smartphones in the world today. With a global population of 7.8 billion, nearly half the world has a smartphone. How can you keep your smartphone secure? Update your device routinely: The longer you wait to update your phone the more susceptible your phone can be to hackers […]

should i keep my home phone

While nearly everyone has a cell phone today, home phones remain a valuable and essential service. Here are three reasons why you should keep your home phone. Call Quality: Ensure clearer sound when making and receiving important phone calls. Emergency Use: Home phones are connected to a specific street address, making it easier for first

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What is fiber? Fiber-optic internet, most simply referred to as fiber, is a broadband internet connection that achieves fast and reliable speeds. How does it work? Fiber-optic technology transmits information using light instead of electricity, at about 70% the speed of light. These fast pulses of light travel through fiber-optic cables over long distances. Once

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blackfoot tech tip

This holiday season, we know that popular gifts include new devices and technology for your home. Check out some of Blackfoot Communications’ relevant tech tips from this year that will help prepare you for a secure and great experience when using your new devices! How To: Prepare For New Devices What is a Smart Speaker

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what is an app

What is a mobile app?

“Download our app!” Do you hear this often but you’re not quite sure what it means? Here’s some information about mobile apps, how to download them and some benefits. A mobile app (short for application) is a software program you can download and install on your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device. Most apps have

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