Blackfoot Tech Tip: November

Last month, we talked about the difference between bandwidth and speed. This month, we’re looking at how to test your internet speed. What’s more frustrating than being in the middle of a great movie only to see the screen start to buffer? Many times, our first response is to get upset with the speed of […]

When first ordering internet service, most people are excited about the speed boost they’re going to experience. They dream about spending less time waiting on downloads or video buffering. That excitement can turn to frustration, however, when they continue to experience slow downloads and buffering. What’s up with that?! The difference between speed and bandwidth

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We get it. It’s easy to ignore the emails clogging up your inbox. But watching the unread message counter climb can begin to nag. And while there can be system performance reasons for keeping your inbox clean, the primary benefits are psychological, including a greater sense of control and reduced anxiety. Here are some best

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Summer is a popular time to get away. And while it’s great to unplug, it’s also comforting to know there are convenient tools for accessing your home network, customer portal or email when you’re on the road. The Blackfoot Connect mobile app manages the people, places and devices connected to your home network and can be

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