smart home security

Do you use smart devices to manage things within your home? It’s easier than ever to control everything from your doorbell to thermostat to speakers with smart devices that connect to your WiFi and are managed using an app. However, some devices may not be the most secure. And by connecting to the internet, you […]

tips for home cybersecurity

Has staying home resulted in spending more time on your devices? Here are a few valuable tips for basic online security to keep your family safe when using the internet. Keep your location private. Most apps, social networks and devices today include geotagging or location services features that make it possible to track your past

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tech tip video chat

Connecting via video conference has become a new normal for many of us in our daily lives. Whether you’re meeting online for work or connecting with family and friends, here are four tips to help improve the quality of your video calls. 1. Test your internet connection. To start, check your internet speed. You can

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