How To Spot Fake News

How To: Spot Fake News

Do you know how to spot fake news? Here a few tips for your online browsing to help weed out fake stories. What is fake news? Unfortunately, fake news has become an everyday occurrence on the internet. Fake news consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes that is spread online, often via social media. How do you […]

How To Stream on Your Smart TV

Everything to know about streaming on your smart TV.  Streaming services have become increasingly popular as more consumers choose to cut the cord from cable service, due to price and convenience. Streaming TV is much less expensive than traditional cable service. Plus, streaming services can conveniently be used from anywhere, on any device.  If you are new to streaming

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Ransomware vs. Malware What’s the Difference?

What is malware? Malware is any malicious software designed specifically to infect and harm the user’s system. A malware attack typically begins by a user: Clicking on an infected pop-up advertisement; Opening an email attachment from an untrusted source; or Unknowingly visiting an infected website. The malware is then downloaded and installed on the user’s computer

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How To Create A Strong Password

Why do you need a strong password? Often times, all a hacker needs to gain access to your personal information is a username and password. The best way to keep your online accounts secure is by using strong and unique passwords. Strong passwords are hard to crack, and unique passwords safeguard your accounts should one become

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