How do I fix my DSL light that is flashing green?

If the DSL light is green and flashing, then the modem isn’t detecting the Blackfoot network.

  • Inspect the phone cord that goes directly from the wall jack to the modem. Look for the following:
    • Look at the phone cord and make sure it is free of nicks, cuts or kinks. If you’re not sure, replace it with a new phone cord.
    • Make sure the phone cord is completely plugged into the wall jack and the modem. If you’re not sure, unplug the cord at both ends and plug it back in.
    • Is the phone cord plugged into the correct modem port? It should be plugged into the port labeled DSL.
    • Is the phone cord from the modem plugged into a filter? If so, remove it and plug the phone cord into the wall jack.
    • Is the phone cord plugged into a phone jack splitter? If so, remove it and plug the phone cord into the wall jack.
    • Is the phone cord plugged into a power strip or surge protector with phone jacks? If so, remove it and plug the phone cord into the wall jack.
  • If you have both our phone and Internet service, does your phone have dial tone?
    • No dial tone: Not having dial tone can impact your Internet service and indicate other problems. If you have no dial tone please follow these steps. (Hyperlink to No dial tone TS)
    • Dial tone: If you have dial tone but your DSL light isn’t lit up, we need to look elsewhere for the problem.

Additional Troubleshooting

  • Try to “power cycle” the modem.
    • Unplug the power cord from the back of the modem.
    • Unplug all devices plugged into any and all phone jacks in the house (e.g., modem, telephones, answering machines, automatic water meter, fax machine, credit card machine and satellite receivers).
    • Reconnect the phone cord going directly from the wall phone jack to the modem jack labeled, DSL or LINE. Be sure there’s no DSL filter, phone jack splitter or power strip/surge protector with a phone jack built-in on this line.
    • Reconnect the power cord to the modem and allow the modem to go through its boot up / restart process.
  • If the DSL light is still blinking, there could be a problem with the phone cord or wall jack.
    • Try using a different cord and /or a different jack. (Note: It might seem obvious but things happen so it’s good to check…If a technician has recently been at your home, make sure you’re plugging the modem into the jack the tech recommended.)
    • If you have tried these steps and the DSL light won’t stay solid green, contact Blackfoot’s technical support for help.