Why are there duplicate emails in my inbox?

You sit down in front of your computer and launch your email. When you look in your inbox, you find it filled with duplicate emails, all having the same subject, timestamp and so on. There are many reasons that this may be happening.  Below are the five most common reasons:

  • An email message on the mail server is corrupt, and thus generates duplicates when Outlook starts its Send/Receive process. In order to fix this, you can log in to web interface of the email server and delete the corrupt/damaged email that is creating all the duplicates.  Log in to the webmail server from one of the links below:
  • After you have synchronized your Outlook profile with your phone/tablet, something went wrong.  The result is the emails are present twice on your PC. You can’t actually fix this, only manually delete those duplicates and hope that it won’t happen again.
  • The “Leave a copy of the messages on the server” box has been checked on your account settings and Outlook creates duplicate emails at each Send/Receive. The fix is to uncheck that option (you can find it under Account Settings -> More Settings -> Advanced).
  • If you forward your emails from one email account to another then the forwarding rule can create loops where messages are continually bounced back and forth between them, creating an infinite number of duplicates. You will have to change your rule accordingly (just test different configurations out).
  • Duplicate emails can be also caused if you subscribe multiple times to a mailing list. In this case you will just have to contact the persons that send you the emails and inform them of your issue.