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Protect your home WiFi network

Our Protect Premium WiFi service puts you in charge of your home network.

Protect Premium WiFi


Looking for added network security and flexibility with your Blackfoot home WiFi network? Our Protect Premium WiFi service is easily managed with your Blackfoot Connect app.

More security, in the palm of your hand!

  • Virus, malware and malicious website protection to protect your network.
  • Device prioritization capability to maximize bandwidth. (For example, prioritize your work-from-home setup during the day and your entertainment devices at night.)
  • Parental controls to monitor family internet use, including blocking inappropriate sites and setting time limits.
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Protect your home network from external threats.

Blackfoot Protect Premium WiFi will:

  • Block visits to malicious websites known to be harmful to networks and devices.
  • Terminate the transfer of data before ransomware or a virus is delivered to a vulnerable device.
  • Send notifications when a security alert is triggered and report when and where the threat occurred.

Device Prioritization

Optimize your internet for a better experience.

Blackfoot Protect Premium WiFi allows you to:

  • Prioritize specific devices to ensure the best possible experience for your most important needs.
  • Set schedules so that work applications have priority during the day and streaming applications receive priority in the evening.

Parental Controls

Manage your family's online activities.

Blackfoot Protect Premium WiFi helps you:

  • Schedule times during which children are prevented from accessing the Internet or when individual applications cannot be used. For example, the hours between 10pm and 8am can be locked, or access to TikTok or Instagram can be blocked during school or homework hours.
  • Set up content filtering to restrict access to sites based on preset categories, such as pornography and nudity, violence, P2P (peer to peer) file sharing, online shopping or social networks.
  • Track time spent on different applications to better understand online activities. For example, daily, weekly or monthly reports can show parents how many hours each of their children spent on Snapchat or Netflix during the past week.