Residential Product Details


Calling Features Bundle

Get all the calling features you need to stay connected in one convenient package. For one low monthly rate, you’ll benefit from 15 great calling features. To learn more about any of these features, please visit

Automatic Recall (also Last Call Return)
Call Transfer
Call Waiting and Call Waiting Disable
Do Not Disturb
Speed Calling
Three-Way Calling
Busy Call Forward (also Call Forward Busy)
Call Forwarding
Remote Access to Call Forwarding
Delayed Call Forwarding
Anonymous Call Rejection
Caller ID
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Rejection



With Blackfoot’s Linebacker wiring and protection plan, you can avoid costly service and repair charges if you have trouble with your interior phone jacks or in-wall wiring that degrades your phone service. One low monthly fee gives you peace of mind if phone service issues arise inside your home.

Linebacker includes an onsite visit by one of our expert technicians for diagnosis, repair or replacement of inside wiring or jacks. Certain exclusions may apply, please contact our Customer Care Team for details.



Blackfoot’s Mobility service, powered by Accession Communicator, makes all the features and functions of your home phone available anytime, anywhere via your smartphone, PC or tablet. Mobility is like having your home phone on your smartphone. You can make and receive calls, hold calls, transfer calls, and make three-way calls on your smartphone, tablet or PC all while using your home phone number. You can even push and pull calls to your phone from other connected devices, mid-call.

Mobility uses available WiFi or cellular data services that are connected to your smartphone, so you can make and receive calls without using your cellular phone minutes.


Unified Voice Mail Services

Blackfoot’s Unified Voice Mail (UVM) and Unified Voice Mail Plus (UVMP) connect you with convenient voice mail and online tools to control how, when and where you are reached.

Both options feature CommPortal, a web-based tool that connects you with a visual way to manage your voice mail box, greetings and many other aspects of your daily voice communications.

Features UVM UVMP
Voice Mail
Play, forward and delete all your voice mail at a glance online, using CommPortal.
Receive all voice mail in your email inbox.
Export a list of your call, call duration and dates to Microsoft Excel.
Call Manager allows you to set up rules for how your calls should be handled, i.e., forwarded to another number, sent directly to voicemail and many more.
Simultaneous ring feature that allows multiple phone numbers to ring at the same time to ensure the call is answered. For example,
you can set incoming calls to ring your home phone and your cell phone simultaneously.
Caller ID on your PC.
Screen your calls and decide to accept or send a call to voice mail with one click on your computer.
Reject anonymous callers or select phone numbers to reject with the message that ‘you are not accepting calls at this time’.
Enable one-click dialing from your computer.
Quick contact search with one-click dialing from your computer.
Redirect your incoming calls to voice mail or alternate phone number(s) that you select.
Create call rules for how, where and when you wish to receive calls.

Not available in all service areas. Other restrictions may apply. Standard taxes and fees apply. Please contact our Customer Care Team for details.