Calling Features

Popular Calling Features

Robocall Blocker (Complimentary Feature)

(This feature is FREE to residential customers. Customers must opt-in for this complimentary feature, based on FCC regulations from 2015 that permit carriers to block unwanted calls on an “opt-in” basis. Please call Blackfoot’s Customer Care Team at 866-541-5000 to opt-in and add this Robocall Blocker feature to your service.)

Robocall Blocker prevents calls originating from computerized auto-dialers, automatically blocking known spammers, fraudulent callers, and other nuisance callers from reaching you on your home phone. Robocall Blocker does not block live callers or robocalls from legitimate sources such as schools, doctors offices or emergency systems. Robocall Blocker can be configured for those customers with an individual Blackfoot residential landline. The service does not work on cell phones.

Exceptions: Callbacks from the operator or emergency services; call services that initiate calls to the line (for example, reminder calls or automatic callback when the remote party is free). Robocall Blocker does not block anonymous callers. Customers should use the Anonymous Call Rejection calling feature to block these calls.

For legal and tariff information, please visit the Blackfoot tariff library.

Automatic Call Back (also Continuous Redial)

(Monthly charge or also available on a pay-per-each-use basis that doesn’t require a monthly charge.)

This feature enables you to save time and frustration in redialing busy numbers. Let your phone automatically call back the busy number by monitoring the lines. When the line is free a special ring will alert you, and then the call will be automatically placed. This process is attempted for up to 30 minutes.

Automatic Recall (also Last Call Return)

(Monthly charge or also available on a pay-per-each-use basis that doesn’t require a monthly charge.)

This makes it easy for you to return missed calls. The calling party’s number is spoken verbally for you to hear as well as the time they attempted to call you. You are given the opportunity to return the call. Automatic Recall works whether the incoming call was answered or unanswered. If the number of the last incoming call is a “Blocked Number,” it will not be voiced back.

Call Transfer (Monthly Charge)

Call Transfer allows you to call another party during an existing call and transfer the caller to the second party.

Call Waiting And Call Waiting Disable (Monthly Charge)

Call Waiting alerts you while you are on a call that another call is coming through. When you hear a tone announcing the second call you can put your first caller on hold or you can terminate the first call and pick up the next one.

Call Waiting Disable enables you to shut off the Call Waiting feature so you are not interrupted during important calls or if you are using a computer modem. Call Waiting Disable must be activated on a per usage basis. (There is no additional charge; this is a feature of Call Waiting.)

Custom Ringing/Teen Services

(Monthly Charge)

This feature has many uses because it enables up to three phone numbers to be assigned to a single telephone line. Each number is assigned a unique ringing pattern so you can determine the nature of the call. Families can have one number for parents and another for children; home businesses can have one number for business purposes and another for personal calls; and small businesses can distinguish the type of call received, for example a service call versus an order request.

Do Not Disturb (Monthly Charge)

This service allows you to temporarily block your line from incoming calls. Outgoing calls can still be placed, but your incoming caller will hear an announcement that you are not currently accepting calls. If you have voice mail, your callers will simply have the option of leaving you a message.

Speed Calling (Monthly Charge)

Speed Calling enables you to call up to 30 of your most frequently dialed numbers by dialing a 2-digit code. If your phone doesn’t offer this option, call Blackfoot to add this feature to your plan.

Three-Way Calling (Monthly Charge)

Three-Way Calling lets you add another person to your telephone call at any time. This feature allows you to make the most of every phone conversation by holding conferences with business contacts or with family and friends.

Unified Voice Mail (Monthly Charge)

Unified Voice Mail unifies all your voice mail messages in your email inbox. Incoming faxes too. Voice mail and faxes, just like your email, can be forwarded to others or archived in folders for future reference.

How does Unified Voice Mail work? A voice mail appears as an attached audio file to an email in your email inbox. You can double-click to play the file on your computer speakers and listen as easily as you do music. You can also ask about our unique fax number option; we’ll also provide you with a unique fax number just for receiving your incoming faxes (faxes are attached to your email in PDF format).

Voice Mail (Monthly Charge)

There are times when it is just not possible to answer your telephone. Voice mail answers your calls for you. Callers hear your personal voice greeting and can leave a message for you. Voice mail then informs you with a stuttered dial tone that there are messages waiting.


Call Forwarding Features

Busy Call Forward (also Call Forward Busy)

Busy Call Forward gives you the flexibility of automatically forwarding a second caller to a predetermined number of your choice when your telephone is busy.

Call Forwarding­­ (Monthly Charge)

This feature allows you to transfer incoming calls to another number of your choice. Call Forwarding is convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to miss an important call, whether it is local or Long Distance. LD charges will be billed to your phone number. Once you have activated Call Forwarding, the telephone will make one short ring each time a call is forwarded. You can still make outgoing calls from this phone; however, all incoming calls will be forwarded.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding (Monthly Charge)

This feature allows you to activate or deactivate the Call Forwarding feature from a local or remote telephone. You must have regular Call Forwarding on your telephone for this service to work. This feature may be activated from any telephone.

Delayed Call Forwarding (Monthly Charge)

Delayed Call Forwarding helps in times when it is impossible to make it to the phone. This feature allows you to select a number that Blackfoot will program to receive your calls when your phone is not answered.

Remote Call Forwarding (Monthly Charge)

Remote Call Forwarding is a service which allows incoming calls to be forwarded to a phone number in a distant location. RCF does not require a physical telephone line. For example, a business could have a local phone number with no local office, and forward calls to their primary business location in another city. If your calls are forwarded to a Long Distance number, LD toll charges will apply.

Selective Call Forwarding (Monthly Charge)

Selective Call Forwarding allows you to create a list of up to 12 telephone numbers that will be forwarded to the telephone number of your choice. You are able to review, manually change and disable the list from your telephone. All other calls are treated normally.


Caller ID Features

Anonymous Call Rejection (Monthly Charge)

This allows you to block all callers who have chosen to block their name and number from being displayed on your caller ID. These callers will receive a recording stating that your phone does not accept blocked calls. If the caller suppresses caller ID blocking and calls again, the call will be accepted.

Caller ID Block Or Anonymous Calling (No Charge)

Caller ID Block prevents your telephone number and name from appearing in the recipient’s caller ID display. If you have chosen to have your phone number blocked, the call recipient will see “Private Name” or “Private Number” on the display unit.

Your Blocking Options: You have the option of blocking delivery of your telephone number either permanently or per call. (You cannot block delivery of your Caller ID to toll free numbers, 900 or 9-1-1.) With this feature you can block delivery when you want anonymity. Permanent blocking prevents your name and number from appearing on any calls you make. This feature will not block incoming calls. There is no charge for the use of this feature.

Caution: If you choose to block your identity, those with anonymous call rejection activated may choose not to answer your calls.

Caller ID (Monthly Charge)

Caller ID is a service allowing you to be in charge of your incoming calls. You are able to view the calling party’s telephone number and name before answering the call. Anyone calling from an area with the ability to offer calling number and/or name delivery will have the telephone number identified.

Please note, you will need to purchase equipment with the ability to display Caller Identification information.


Advanced Calling Features

Customer Originated Trace (Per Use Fee)

If you’ve received harassing phone calls, this feature allows you to automatically request a trace on the last incoming call. Once Customer Originated Trace is initiated, the number and the time the call was made are forwarded directly to Blackfoot. After the trace has been initiated, contact Blackfoot so we can begin working with your local law enforcement.

Priority Call (also Distinctive Ringing)

With this feature you can program your telephone to ring with a distinctive ringing pattern or Call Waiting tone whenever you are called by your selected list of telephone numbers. You can manually define up to 12 telephone numbers that you want announced with the special ring. All other calls are ring normally.

Selective Call Acceptance

(Available on a pay-per-each-use basis that doesn’t require a monthly fee.)

Selective Call Acceptance allows you to create a list of up to 12 telephone numbers from which you are willing to accept calls. Any parties not on the acceptance list will receive an announcement informing them that you are not accepting calls. You are able to review and manually change the list of accepted callers as well as disable it from your telephone.

Selective Call Rejection (Monthly Charge)

This call screening feature allows you to create a list of up to 12 telephone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls. Any telephone numbers on your Selective Call Rejection list will receive an announcement saying, “We’re sorry, the person you are calling is not currently accepting calls from you.” All other calls are treated normally.

Toll Authorization (Subscriber Activated Call Restriction)

(Monthly Charge)

This feature will allow you to restrict unwanted Long Distance calls from being placed from your telephone. By adding this Toll Authorization feature Long Distance calls will not complete without your selected security code. First, dial the Long Distance call you wish to place. You will hear a second dial tone at which time you will enter your personal identification number.