Broadband Optional Features

These optional features are available to every Blackfoot Broadband Internet customer. For more information or to add any of these features to your account, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Additional Personal Storage Space – 1 GB and 5 GB Increments
Add more space if you outgrow the storage that came with your Broadband Internet service. Ideal for backing up the valuable contents of your computer’s hard drive, or your blog or website.

Domain Name Service
Reliable domain name servers with guaranteed uptime from Blackfoot. We can host your website so users can access it online via your unique URL (domain name). We also host your mail record for public access.

Email Forwarding
Automatically forward messages from one email address to another.

Additional Email Accounts
Maintain work and home email addresses or provide individual email addresses for family members.

Email Aliases
Manage one inbox while using up to 20 separate email addresses for outgoing email. This is the most convenient way to manage multiple email addresses.

Static IP Address
A static IP address provides more stability if you run a website or blog, and better protection against network security problems. Avoid potential address conflicts that prevent some devices on a home network from receiving data.



Blackfoot's Business Team