Network Design

Smart and secure network design keeps your business running at full steam. Network problems can impact employee productivity or your ability to communicate with your customers. At Blackfoot, we understand networks and have a certified team of IT professionals ready to assess your unique requirements.

Whether you need a WiFi network, remote office VPN capabilities, optimization for Blackfoot or third-party cloud services, or you’re moving into new offices, Blackfoot offers turnkey network design solutions. We can manage the entire project, and design from scratch or from an existing infrastructure. And because we operate one of the largest IP networks in the region, our team delivers on best practices and industry standards every day.

Our goal is to not only help you get a well-designed, high-functioning network now, but to ensure that it can grow as you grow, evolve as technology evolves and serve your business well into the future.


Blackfoot's Business Team


Benefits of Blackfoot Network Design

  • Expertise: Our certified IT professionals can handle any challenge or infrastructure requirement
  • Connectivity: Connect multiple locations and remote employees with ease
  • Uptime: Engineered for maximum network uptime with optional redundancies
  • Security: We take a layered protection approach, including firewalls, port security, network segregation and encryption
  • Support: When you partner with Blackfoot, you also have access to our optional 24/7 monitoring

Blackfoot network engineers are certified in: