Why Blackfoot?

Mary Worden, Director of Operations

Aaron Wade, Lead IT Tech 2

Brenda Woodside, Operations Support Manager

Deanna Jenness, IT Services Admin

Jared Jarrett, OSP Engineering Manager

What sets Blackfoot apart from other providers?

We sat down with leaders from Blackfoot's Network Technology Solutions team and asked them to share what they think is Blackfoot's biggest differentiator. What sets Blackfoot apart from other business communications providers? Here's what they had to say.

"The experience that is at Blackfoot is amazing. It’s so helpful when you’re trying to do things that other people have done before and go through things that people have already been through so that you can go and ask for help...there’s people that went through the school of hard knocks before you got there."

Mary Worden • Director of Operations

Why partner with Blackfoot?

“Customer service is so important in our line of work. That’s why we needed a provider who could deliver reliable voice and data services. Blackfoot has been a great partner since 2015 and truly shares our vision of customer service excellence.”

Quin Williams, Vice President
Williams Plumbing

"We want all of our data to be in Missoula, not in Florida and then backed up elsewhere. We are a local company and we want to support local companies. Blackfoot has been a first class provider with world class technology and support."

Gordon Watson, CPA, Controller 
Bitterroot Valley Forest Products

"While cost savings are significant, having a local company that can provide timely and superior support is pretty significant, as well."

Matthew Roberts, Systems Administrator  
Garlington, Lohn & Robinson Attorneys

"Blackfoot is our partner. They care as much about our business as they do their own."

Earl Akers, Director of Information Services
Western Montana Mental Health Center

How did Blackfoot respond to downed fiber on New Year's Day?

Hear the story of how our on-call crews worked to restore internet connectivity in Thompson Falls.