Technology alone doesn’t meet your business’ needs or serve your family reliably – it’s as dependent on people as people are on it. So, while Blackfoot delivers the latest in phone, data and Internet technology, our focus is on what makes those technologies reliable, efficient and useful. The expertise to match products to a customer’s needs. The insight to answer questions accurately. The service staff to respond quickly and capably.

In an industry where everyone screams latest! fastest! greatest! we speak to solving, serving and adding value. Because reliable doesn’t come from circuits, lines or networks. Reliable comes from people.

We solve

Our people are adept at matching technologies to customer needs.

We serve

Our local support teams are highly skilled, responsive and available 24/7.

We add value

Our focus on reliability ensures customers get the most from the technologies they buy.

What We Do




Blackfoot invests in local technology infrastructure to help our customers connect and compete, and to spur economic growth in our communities.
Solution Minded

Solution Minded

Technology should solve problems. See the innovative ways we've helped address communication and data challenges for our clients.
Community Minded

Community Minded

Each year, Blackfoot supports numerous organizations and events, with a particular focus on improving education and supporting economic development.

Here are a few of our valued clients

Montana AAA
Professional Property Management
PayneWest Insurance
Missoula International Airport