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Internet Support

What is my local dial up number?

The local number for your Blackfoot dial up service is 541-1550. If you live in Avon, the local number for your dial up is 492-4700.

Test Your Internet Speed

Find out what download and upload speed your connection is right now, plus test latency and jitter at: speedtest.blackfoot.com.

Determine Your Modem Needs

Blackfoot currently provides VisionNet M405 Single Port Ethernet and VisionNet M505N 4 Port Wireless routers. If you have a network, please contact Blackfoot or your network equipment vendor for additional information. The following are the modem specifications required should you decide to use a DSL modem not recommended by Blackfoot: ADSL / ADSL 2+ compatible. Encapsulation is PPPoE / LLC-SNAP , Must be able to adjust the VCI/VPI settings (VPI = 0, VCI = 100). Dynamic IP addressing. Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Blackfoot.net Username and Password

Specifications & Settings for Blackfoot Modems and Routers

Blackfoot DSL Modem/Router Specifications: PPPoE (over Ethernet) ADSL compatible; Must be able to adjust the VCI/VPI settings (VPI = 0, VCI = 100); Multiplexing is – LLC Based for PPPoE. Dynamic IP addressing Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Blackfoot.net Username and Password.

Qwest/Centurylink cutomers that use us for ISP will still use PPPoA with VPI=0 VCI=32 with VC Mux to work with the Clink circuit.

Blackfoot’s Domain Registration Information

Domain Name: yourdomainname.com
Administrative Contact: Your own info
Registrar Name for domain transfers: icsdomains
Billing Contact: Your own info
Domain servers:
Primary Server Hostname: NS1.BLACKFOOTDNS.NET
Primary Server Netaddress:
Secondary Server Hostname: NS2.BLACKFOOTDNS.NET
Secondary Server Netaddress:

Installation & Configuration Instructions for Blackfoot Modems and Routers

Blackfoot Modem Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure both the modem and computer are connected and on.
  2. Open your web browser on your computer.
  3. In the address bar of your browser, erase the address of your default home page, and type in and press enter on your keyboard.
  4. There will be prompt for a Username and Password. Type in “admin” for the username and “0123456789” for the password. This will log you into the modem interface.
  5. On the left side of the screen, click on the heading called WAN. Select the sub-menu called WAN IF: Services. On the right side of the screen, click the Edit button.
  6. Make sure that PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) is dotted and click Next.
  7. Enter your DSL username and password found on the enclosed Blackfoot DSL/Sharelink Order Form, under important information. Click Next at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Click Apply/Save on the screen and close your browser.
  9. Check the lights on the modem. If you have a green internet light, you should be able to open a new browser window and get online. If the modem has a red internet light, that typically means the username or password was typed incorrectly. If this is the case, repeat the steps above and re-enter your username and password into the appropriate boxes.
  10. Enjoy your Blackfoot Internet service!