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Where do I find Blackfoot’s tax exemption information?

February 25, 2024

Tax exemption forms can be found in our Forms library here: https://blackfootcommunications.com/legal-tariff-forms/

Certification for tax exemption benefits is required and must be updated on an annual basis.We undertake an annual re-certification effort in October/ November of each year. If we do not have forms on file for your business, then all appropriate taxes will appear on your next invoice.

To start or continue with benefits, please download forms that pertain to any service which you qualify for exempt status and submit the completed forms via email to exempt@blackfoot.com or fax them to 406-541-5144.

In addition to the annual re-certification effort, we do accept certification forms throughout the year.

For questions related to your tax exemption options, call our Customer Care Team at 866-541-5000.