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Why am I not receiving all my calls?

February 25, 2024

If you are experiencing issues receiving calls on your home phone, here are some potential causes:

  • The phone is not plugged in, or the power outlet is not functioning.
  • The phone line is not connected properly.
  • The phone service is out of service or suspended.
  • The phone’s ringer or volume is turned off or set to low.
  • The phone’s battery is dead or low.
  • The phone’s screen is locked.
  • The call blocking feature has been enabled and needs to be removed for that number.
  • There is an inside wiring issue.

Outside of physical issues listed above, there could be causes that are outside Blackfoot’s control:

  • The caller dialed the number incorrectly or has a wrong number.
  • You placed your number on the Do Not Call List and the caller is one who must abide by your preference.
  • The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) has ordered service providers to block calls from a particular service provider for failure to comply with the FCC’s rules.
  • The calling phone number is flagged as a Robocall and is being blocked.
  • The caller’s originating or intermediate service provider(s) have routing in place creating call completion or call quality problems known as Rural Call Completion issues.

For more information about Rural Call Completion please visit the FCC’s website.