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smart home app dashboard

Easy Dashboard

Manage your speed and your connected devices in a simple dashboard. Monitor network performance and easily update your WiFi network name and password.

smart home app manage devices

Manage Devices 

View the devices connected to your WiFi and turn their internet access on/off. For ease of use, the app conveniently sorts by device type such as phone, tablet, streaming device, etc.

smart home app parental controls

Parental Control

Add a profile for each device connected to your WiFi network. You can then turn that device’s WiFi access on/off using the app, enabling parental controls to limit internet usage.

smart home app guest wifi network

Guest Network

Create a guest WiFi network and even schedule the start and end date for availability. This is especially convenient to allow your children’s friends to connect or out-of-town guests.

smart home app network usage

Network Usage

Monitor your overall network performance,  plus downloads and uploads for each of your connected devices. See the amount of bandwidth used by each device, as well.

smart home app bandwidth test

Bandwidth Test

Run a bandwidth test to assess your internet speed. Make sure you stop any data usage first. Compare this to your subscribed speed to see if you are experiencing performance issues.

smart home app voice-enabled


Use voice-enabled Amazon Alexa to assist with device management. Ask Alexa to list the devices connected to your network, which device uses the most bandwidth and more.

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