How to connect with WiFi at home + strengthen your signal.

WiFi technology enables you to access the internet on your devices via a wireless connection. To convert your home internet to WiFi, you just need the right equipment. First, you need a modem. Your modem is supplied by your internet provider and delivers your internet service. Second, you need a wireless router, which connects to your modem and converts your internet to a WiFi signal. Watch below to learn more.

For the best experience, locate your wireless router where it can cover the largest area of your home.

However, there are several things that can interfere with your WiFi signal and cause your internet connection to be less than great. When locating your wireless router, here are a few things to consider.

wifi interference - router proximity

Proximity is key.
For a strong WiFi signal, proximity to your wireless router is important. In other words, the closer you are, the stronger your signal will be. Consider the living space where you use the most devices. You can also use a signal extender to help boost WiFi throughout your home.

smart home app wifi signal apartment interference

Neighbors with WiFi.
If you live in an apartment building, you may experience interference from other tenants’ WiFi networks. Try changing your wireless router to a different channel and see if your WiFi signal improves. If you have a Blackfoot router, it should be set to Auto, so it can detect the best channel automatically.

wifi interference - home phone

Look for other devices.
Basically, any device that can transmit or receive a signal can interfere with your WiFi. This includes cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, wireless speakers, security cameras and even microwaves. That means placing your wireless router next to your home phone probably isn’t the best location.

wifi interference - physical environment

Check your surroundings.
The physical environment can also impact your signal strength. WiFi signal transmissions are impacted by brick or cement walls, mirrors or reflective materials and even internal wall cabling. If you're experiencing a weak signal, look for these materials to see if it's the source of interference.

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