How do I use my spam filter?

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How to Access Your Spam Filter 

To access your spam filtering settings and quarantined messages, login to: with your full email address and password.

Spam Filter Features

Your spam filter consists of four tabs: Messages, Setting, Policies, Status.

The default setting is Messages, which displays all of the messages quarantined by the spam filter.

Managing Your Quarantined Messages

You can manage your quarantined messages several ways:

  • Search. To search your quarantined messages, simply use the search bar located in the upper right part of the screen.
  • Sort. To sort your quarantined email, click on the desired column heading and sort accordingly.
  • Add or Remove Columns. Determine what information you want displayed by adding or deleting column headings. To access these settings, simply highlight a desired column heading and click on the black downward facing arrow. Place your cursor over Columns and select or deselect the columns you want displayed.
  • Releasing and Deleting Spam. If you determine that a message has been mistakenly filtered, simply choose to “Release” the message from quarantine to your inbox. Highlight the message(s) that you wish to release, then click on the Release button in the upper left corner of the window. You can also delete messages from your quarantine in this section by highlighting the message(s) that you want deleted and clicking on the Delete button.

Managing Your Spam Filtering Zones

The Spam Filter has been configured for optimal filtering. Most users will not need to modify these filters. However, if modifications are necessary, simply go to the Policy tab in your Personal Dashboard. You can make adjustments to any of three Zones:

  • Red Zone: This zone contains potentially dangerous emails and obvious spam.
  • Yellow Zone: This zone contains suspicious emails that are likely spam.
  • Green Zone: This zone contains junk email usually from large email marketing companies.

Adjusting Your Zone Settings

By clicking on the drop down arrow next to the type of message, you can select the different settings. By default all types are set to Quarantine except for Viruses, which is set to Block. If an option is grayed out, you cannot make changes to that section.

  • Allow. Allows the message to pass through the filter to your inbox.
  • Mark Up. Adds a subject tag to the subject line of the email message. Subject tags are short of text messages (up to twenty characters) appended to the subject line of the message to alert you that the message was flagged as suspicious.
  • Quarantine. Quarantines the message.
  • Block. Automatically deletes the message. NOTE: Blocked messages are not recoverable.

Filtering by Sender

Under the Policies tab, locate Filtering by Sender. This feature allows you to create a “whitelist” of email addresses you wish to allow into your inbox, and a “blacklist” of email to automatically quarantine.

  • Whitelist Emails: To add an email address to your whitelist, enter the email address in the Friends text box, then click on the green plus symbol. To remove an address, click on the red X symbol next to the email address.
  • Blacklist Emails: To add an email address to your blacklist, enter the email address, domain, or IP address in the Enemies text box, and click on the green plus symbol. To remove an address, click on the red X symbol next to the address, domain, or IP address.