Home Broadband Internet

Blackfoot offers dedicated home broadband speeds. We deliver DSL internet that is transmitted over phone lines using your phone jack. When you subscribe to Blackfoot internet, we dedicate that bandwidth to your connection so it's always available. We offer different levels of home broadband so you can choose the experience that best fits your family's usage. Not sure which level is right for you?  Click to learn more about how to assess your internet usage »

Social Broadband

$50 starting price/month*
  • Ideal for social media, email browsing, streaming music, sharing photos
  • High quality experience for 1-2 users + up to 4 devices**

Stream Broadband

$70 starting price/month*
  • Ideal for streaming media, online gaming, video chat without buffering
  • High quality experience for 2-5 users + up to 8 devices**

Connected Home

$90 starting price/month*
  • Ideal for a smart home with several regularly connected devices and users
  • High quality experience for 5-7 users + up to 12 devices**

*Available to residential customers only. Price does not include taxes and fees. Not available in all service areas. Other conditions may apply.
**If the maximum number of devices are connected and actively streaming or downloading large files, such as video, your experience may be impacted. Learn how to manage your internet experience »

Additional Broadband Features

These optional features are available to every Blackfoot broadband internet customer. For more information or to add any of these features to your account, please contact our Customer Care Team at 866-541-5000.

What is DSL internet?