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How To: Manage Your Digital Life

February 3, 2019

As part of a New Year and a new you, consider spending a little time managing your digital life. Here are a few ideas to clean up your devices and online presence.

1: Cleanup your computer. Spend a few minutes cleaning up your computer by uncluttering your desktop, emptying the Recycle Bin and getting rid of unused programs. Plus, make sure your firewall, anti-virus, programs and systems are current. Do you need protection for your devices? Blackfoot can help!

2: Unsubscribe from unread emails. How many emails do you receive that you immediately delete? The next time you receive an unwanted message, take a few moments to unsubscribe and opt out of receiving future updates. This will keep your Inbox relevant with updates that matter to you. Tip: The Unsubscribe option is usually found in the header or footer of subscription-style emails.

3: Organize your online files.  Go through your online files and organize them into folders. Consider how to categorize your files (by year, month, event, etc.) so you can stay organized. Make an inventory of your online and digital subscriptions to track your renewals and passwords. Also, for all of your passwords, consider an online tool to safely store and manage your passwords. Online password tools also include options to check the security of your password. Consider assessing your passwords and updating any that don’t meet secure requirements.

4: Backup your files. Do you regularly backup your documents, contacts and photos to an alternate location? The alternate location could be online (in the cloud) or to an external hard drive. Consider setting a regular backup plan today so you never lose your files. Need help with data backup? Blackfoot can help!