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How To: Stop Robocallers

February 6, 2019

Robotic callers (robocalls) are not only annoying, but can be dangerous if they trap you in a scam. Unfortunately, it’s become all too easy for illegitimate phone scammers to auto-dial hundreds or thousands of people at the same time. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), robocalls are on the rise because internet-enabled phones make it cheap and easy for scammers to make illegal calls from anywhere in the world.

How does a robocall work? Check out this infographic from the FTC >

Why are they calling you? If you are receiving multiple calls from the same number and no one leaves a message (or they hang up after a few seconds), your number is likely being dialed by a robocaller. Often times, these scammers are trying to confirm whether someone is accessible on the phone line. Once they verify your phone number is active, your number may be added to the scammer’s database.

You may also be contacted by an automated voice that is trying to notify you of an important notice. According to the FCC, common phone scams include fake notices regarding the IRS; student debt, loans and credit; charitable causes; extended car warranties; free trial offers; investment opportunities; and real estate or timeshares. The scammer’s ultimate goal is to gain your personal information and trick you out of money.

What can you do? First, avoid answering calls from unknown numbers. If it is someone important calling, they can leave a message and you can instantly return their call. Or, if you need to answer the call, make sure you ask who is calling before identifying yourself.

Second, Blackfoot offers a free Call Guardian service to prevent calls that originate from computerized auto-dialers, which automatically blocks known spammers, fraudulent callers and other nuisance dialers from reaching your home phone. Contact our Customer Care Team to add this free service!