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3 Tips for Stronger Home WiFi

June 6, 2019

How can you improve your home WiFi experience? There are numerous reasons you could be experiencing a lag or slowdown in your home internet. Here are a few things to try to help you get a better WiFi signal.

1: Assess your router location. The goal is to place your router where it can cover the largest area of your home. Remember, the closer a device is to your wireless router, the stronger the signal will be. It’s also better to place your router higher up. Make sure it isn’t tucked away or blocked, so it can effectively broadcast your WiFi signal. TIP: In a larger house, you may experience a weak connection in areas where your wireless network can’t reach. Consider adding a wireless network extender to pick up the signal and increase the WiFi coverage in your home.

2: Adjust your antenna placement. Most routers have one to three antennas. Re-positioning the antennas can make a difference. Just like a TV, your WiFi signal will match the way you point the antennas.

3: Reduce any network interference. Other networks or electronic devices can interfere with your wireless signal. Cordless phones, Bluetooth devices and even microwaves can cause interference. Make sure your router isn’t near something that will impact the signal.