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How To: Stream on Your Smart TV

August 3, 2019

Everything to know about streaming on your smart TV. 

Streaming services have become increasingly popular as more consumers choose to cut the cord from cable service, due to price and convenience. Streaming TV is much less expensive than traditional cable service. Plus, streaming services can conveniently be used from anywhere, on any device. 

If you are new to streaming TV, here’s a quick overview. Streaming TV is when you stream on-demand content (such as movies and TV shows) over your home internet connection on your TV. You can stream content using a variety of devices, including a smart TV, a gaming console system, or a streaming media player such as Apple TV or Roku that connects via HDMI. 

Do you need a streaming device if you have a smart TV? Smart TVs are intended to stream content. They have a built-in internet connection and an interface that displays apps for different streaming services that are free or require a monthly subscription. You can browse through the interface directly on your TV screen via your remote.

What are streaming services? There are numerous video streaming services, but two of the most common that you’ve likely heard of are Netflix and Hulu. With these subscription-based services, you pay a set monthly fee and gain access to their library of shows and movies, which you can then watch instantly on your TV.  

Which streaming service is right for you? It really depends on the type of programming you’re looking for. Netflix has a large library of blockbuster movies and popular TV shows by season. Hulu has movies and TV shows, but also includes current TV programming, uploading episodes the day after they air on TV. Both providers also create original content that can only be found on their service. There are numerous options for streaming live TV or renting popular movies on-demand, as well. Do some research to determine which is right for you. Most services also offer a free trial period, so you can test them out to really find what you like. 

Is it safe to stream content on your smart TV? Yes, it is safe to stream content on your TV. Most smart TVs include a web browser as a pre-installed app. To be safe, follow the same rules when browsing the web on your smart TV that you do with your smart phone. Avoid anything that requires sensitive information, such as online banking or shopping with a credit card. In addition, make sure you use unique passwords for all your online accounts, so you are protected if one account becomes compromised.