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3 Ways to Keep Connected While Social Distancing

April 20, 2020

During this time of social distancing it may seem difficult to stay connected with family and friends. Here are some helpful tools to keep you connected to those you care about most.

See their face and video chat! 

Video calls are a fun way to connect and feel like you’re together even from afar. Have a one-on-one conversation or host a game night via a group video chat. You could even cook together from separate kitchens with all the same ingredients. To connect with your friends or family, you all need to use the same app. Below is a list of different free video chatting apps for you to consider.

  • FaceTime is a tool built-in on all Apple devices (like your iPhone, iPad, Mac) that you can use to video chat directly with other compatible Apple device users. You can add up to 32 people to the group chat at once!
  • Google Duo is a high-quality video calling app that allows you to host a group call with up to 12 people. To use this app, you will need to sign in with a Google account. If you use Gmail, that is also your Google account.
  • Messenger is Facebook’s tool for mobile messaging, private sharing of photos, videos and audio, and group video chats. To use this app, you will need to sign in with a Facebook account.
  • Skype enables your conversations with one-on-one or group video chats, plus instant messaging and file sharing with other users.
  • Zoom is a leader in video communications and is a good option for remote schooling or remote business work video chats.

Note: We’ve included this list in alpha order and linked to each app’s webpage if you want to download or learn more. However, we don’t necessarily recommend the apps over any others; these are just suggestions of popular free tools.

Connect on social media! 

Have you been curious about using Facebook or Instagram? There’s never been a better time to try something new!Connect with and follow people and things that interest you. (Don’t forget to follow @GoBlackfoot on your favorite social networks, too!)

  • Facebook is a social media site where you can create a free profile and connect with family, friends and new contacts. Post updates with text, photo or video on your profile and then connect with others to see and engage with their updates. It’s a great way to keep up with life’s happenings with your siblings, cousins or grandchildren; plus connect with old classmates, roommates and friends. Access Facebook online on your computer or by downloading the app on your mobile device.
  • Instagram is a free photo and video sharing tool. The app features several photo filters so you can edit your pictures like a pro. Share stories and follow people, accounts and hashtags (#) that interest you to see updates. For instance, you can follow #montana to see images or videos posted and include the hashtag. To use Instagram, you’ll need to download the app on a mobile device.
  • LinkedIn is a helpful tool to maintain your professional network. Use it to follow relevant industry news and engage with colleagues and peers. Plus, ask your connections to endorse your professional skills. It’s also a great tool for career development and staying relevant. If you’re looking for a new job, online talent searches and video interviews have become much more common today. LinkedIn also offers additional job search tools with a paid subscription. Access LinkedIn online or by downloading the app.

Make a landline call! 

Don’t forget, the most reliable to way to communicate is still a landline phone. It provides a reliable, high quality connection when cellphone service is sparse or not working. Landlines are especially helpful if you live in a rural area to ensure you are always reachable. Contact Blackfoot to initiate home phone service today!