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3 Tips For Basic Online Security

August 27, 2020

Has staying home resulted in spending more time on your devices? Here are a few valuable tips for basic online security to keep your family safe when using the internet.

Keep your location private. Most apps, social networks and devices today include geotagging or location services features that make it possible to track your past and current location, which can be accessed publicly. These features can be turned off for privacy and safety reasons. A quick Google search of your app or device with “turn off geotagging” should provide the steps needed to disable this feature.

Add parental controls to your devices. Parental controls can be used to limit usage, block certain content and more. Most devices that connect to the internet have the ability to add parental controls, such as smart phones, gaming consoles, smart TVs or tablets. Again, a quick Google search of the device and “parental controls” should result in easy instructions. In addition, some internet routers come with software that can help you setup parental controls through your WiFi network. If you have a Blackfoot Home WiFi plan, you can do this!

Be cautious of sharing. For any user of social media, it’s important to be aware of the risk of personal information or images being made public once they are posted online. As a general rule, be cautious and thoughtful about what you post and share. And never share any personal information in a post or private message on social media, such as your phone number, address, email, SSN, bank information, etc. This also applies to email. Never email your personal information to someone, including a business. Instead, take a minute to pick up the phone to ensure it’s a legitimate request and securely provide your information.