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What is fiber internet?

January 28, 2021

What is fiber? Fiber-optic internet, most simply referred to as fiber, is a broadband internet connection that achieves fast and reliable speeds.

How does it work? Fiber-optic technology transmits information using light instead of electricity, at about 70% the speed of light. These fast pulses of light travel through fiber-optic cables over long distances. Once the pulses reach their final destination, they’re converted by a network hub to an output that your devices can understand and a signal is sent through an Ethernet connection to the user.

How do I get fiber? To provide a fiber internet connection, fiber-optic cables must run from the network hub straight to your home or a curb near your home. The fastest type of fiber network is called Fiber to the Home (or Premises) with fiber installed to terminals directly connected to the residence or business. This provides a 100% fiber-optic connection. Fiber to the Curb is a partial fiber connection, using copper cables to carry the signal from the curb to the home.

What are the benefits of fiber? Fiber internet delivers an exceptional experience for multiple users connected to several devices at once so you can:

  • Work from home without lulls or waiting
  • Seamlessly connect for remote learning
  • Enjoy smooth video chatting
  • Stream shows and movies without buffering
  • Download or upload large files with ease
  • Connect your smart home, from your thermostat to your doorbell

Why is it more reliable? Fiber-optic cable is buried in the ground and isn’t as susceptible to severe weather conditions which helps minimize outages. Fiber cables are also considered safer because they don’t carry an electric current and can’t generate a spark.