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A dedicated home internet experience

June 25, 2021

Cable, DSL and fiber internet are the main types of internet access for homes:

  • Cable internet is provided by your cable provider
  • DSL and fiber internet is provided by your internet service provider (like Blackfoot Communications)

The internet access types may go by other names, such as ‘shared’ and ‘dedicated’:

  • Shared internet access uses one single internet connection to support many different homes
  • Dedicated internet access is a connection that runs directly to your home

What is the difference between shared and dedicated internet access?

  • The more neighbors jump on a shared internet connection, the slower your internet experience becomes. Buffering, stuttering and dropped connections become all too familiar.
  • Dedicated internet access allows your home to use the entire internet connection between you and your internet service provider. This dedicated connection allows you to watch Netflix, listen to Spotify and use video conferencing tools for work and school without sharing your connection with your neighbors.

Blackfoot delivers dedicated internet access using DSL and fiber technologies, giving you the confidence that your internet connection will be fast, reliable and secure. Whether streaming movies or working on your presentation, our dedicated connectivity options deliver the best experience for your home internet needs.

Learn more about shared and dedicated internet access below or contact our customer service team to find the right home internet service for you.