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How To: Protect your home WiFi network.

August 27, 2021

Stories of phishing, ransomware and other online security threats seem to be in the news daily. Anyone with an internet connection is vulnerable, making it more important than ever to protect your home WiFi network and personal devices.

The first line of defense is for your family to be aware of phishing threats and other online scams. The next line of defense can be a security application that protects your home WiFi network by:

  • Blocking the ability for users to visit websites known to be harmful to home WiFi networks and devices
  • Terminating browser activity before ransomware or a virus is delivered to a vulnerable device
  • Sending notifications when a security alert is triggered and reporting when and where the threat occurred.

There are several reputable vendors which can help protect your network and devices from unwanted and potentially costly intrusions. Blackfoot can help, too, with our Protect Premium WiFi feature.

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