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How to: Back-to-school tips for parents and students

August 25, 2022

Kids of all ages are heading back to the classroom and will again be accessing online platforms for assignments, research and remote learning. In addition to books, backpacks, notebooks, and pencils, students should be armed with the information and technology to get the most out of today’s web-based educational tools – and to be safe online. Here are a few things to consider for back-to-school season.

  • Do not share passwords. Let your kids know it’s not a good idea to share passwords, even with friends. They might find it tempting to do so but it’s important for them to learn to protect their personal information. Ask them to imagine what might happen if a friend accidentally deleted an assignment or plagiarized their work.
  • Be careful with your sources. Just because it’s online, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Impress upon your student the importance of double-checking sources and relying on reputable sites for their school work.
  • Be a safe and responsible social media user. Social media platforms can be a great way for kids to connect with their friends, yet cyberbullying is a reality they should be prepared to deal with. Teach your child to think about what they say online and that it’s OK to let you, a teacher or other trusted adult know if someone is being mean or disrespectful to them online.
  • Use parent controls for your WiFi network. You can take steps monitor your kids online time and restrict access to selected sites with parental controls for your network (such as the Blackfoot Connect app). Limiting distractions is important to learning, getting homework done, and being a good student.
  • Get the bandwidth you need. Online classroom meeting platforms typically require more upload bandwidth – the capacity for transmitting data from your network – than other activities such as sending an email or posting a photo to Facebook. If you’re experiencing buffering or delays it may be time to upgrade to greater bandwidth.

School is changing and helping kids navigate today’s online world is important. If you have questions we’d love to help. Connect with us through our contact page or call us at 866-541-5000.

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