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How to: Manage your email inbox

September 30, 2022

We get it. It’s easy to ignore the emails clogging up your inbox.

But watching the unread message counter climb can begin to nag. And while there can be system performance reasons for keeping your inbox clean, the primary benefits are psychological, including a greater sense of control and reduced anxiety.

Here are some best practices to keep your inbox clutter free – and to give you greater peace of mind.

  • Schedule time each day. Making inbox maintenance a regular part of your routine, like brushing your teeth or exercising, can prevent problems before they arise, and a little attention can go a long way. Schedule one or two blocks of time each day to manage your email account.
  • Set up folders or labels. Sort incoming email by setting up unique folders or labels for subject matter such as people, companies, or promotions. You can then easily identify and prioritize correspondence to deal with as you wish.
  • Use rules and tools. Automate the process of sorting your email by setting up rules to route emails to their respective folders (this is a big time-saver!). You can also use tools like tags to create follow up reminders and prioritize important messages.
  • Create an alternate email. You may wish to use an alternate email address for distinct purposes such as online shopping or newsletter subscriptions, thereby reducing traffic to your primary mailbox.
  • Unsubscribe. Be intentional with what you’d like to see. Ask yourself, ‘Do I really need to see messages from this source?’ If not, unsubscribe. Preventing unwanted emails from arriving in the first place makes the above a lot easier.

There’s a lot to pay attention to today and managing email is one of them. We hope this can help make it a little easier but if you have questions we’d love to help. Connect with us through our contact page or call us at 866-541-5000.  

Did you know?

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