5 ways to spot a scam - Blackfoot Communications

5 ways to spot a scam

July 26, 2023

  1. Unknown contact. A person or company contacts you unexpectedly via phone call, text message or email about something you did not know about. That could include an order, a delivery, or even a charge to a credit card.
  2. Everything is urgent. Scammers will create a false sense of urgency and use pressure tactics such as rude or pushy language to encourage you to act immediately.
  3. Extremely specific or unusual way to pay. Someone asks you to pay or send money using gift cards, cryptocurrency, a payment app, or even an online wire transfer to pay for something, solve a problem, get a sweepstake win or secure a high return on investment.
  4. Threatening language. Con artists may tell you that you owe money and then threaten to call the police or send you to collections if you do not pay immediately. They can also coach you on what to tell the bank to withdraw, transfer funds, or ask you to reveal a secret.
  5. The romantic emergency. A new online “interest” bombards you with “sweet talk” but does not seem to want to meet in person. Suddenly a hardship or emergency strikes and they want you to send them money.

Blackfoot Communications is here to help. While we may reach out to you about your account with us, it is our job to protect your private account information. If you are concerned with others accessing your Blackfoot Communications information, reach out to our customer service team to make sure your account security is optimized. You can reach us at 866-541-5000 or customerservice@blackfoot.com.