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How To: Using parental controls for a better internet experience

July 30, 2021

It seems like kids are using their devices more than ever, and that can create anxiety for parents. How much time are they spending online? What are they viewing? How do you know? These are natural and appropriate questions.

Fortunately, parents can find answers through a mobile app that includes usage controls, such as:

  • Schedule times during which children are prevented from accessing the internet or individual applications. For example, access to TikTok or Instagram can be blocked during school, dinner or homework hours.
  • Set up content filtering to restrict access to sites based on specific categories, such as violence or online shopping, and limit access to individual applications or websites.
  • Track time spent on different applications to better understand online activities. For example, daily, weekly or monthly reports can show parents how many hours their children spend on Snapchat or Netflix.

We certainly want to stay connected with our kids, and taking away devices can be a challenge. An app with parental controls is a great way to set limits and keep in touch.

Learn how parental controls in the Blackfoot Smart Home app can create a better internet experience.